At Flint Driving School, we have packages to fit everyone’s budget and needs. If you plan on using your own car for the road test, go ahead and select the Driver Education Package, it satisfies all RMV requirements for the driver’s education program. However, you will be responsible for scheduling the road test with the RMV. If you would like to use our vehicle and have us sponsor your road test, the Sponsorship package is a perfect fit. We will meet you at the RMV and sponsor your road test. The most popular package, is our Warm-up Package, this includes door-to-door service and you’ll also get a warm-up lesson on the day of the road test.

Driver Education Package
Package including all classroom components, parent curriculum, and driving lessons.
Perfect for someone who wants to use their own vehicle on the road test.

At Flint Driving School, we have payment plans to fit your individual budget and needs. If the thought of paying for a driving package scares you, then our payment plan is what you’re looking for. Payment plans consist of paying for each component of the Driver’s education program separately. Classroom instruction, mandatory parent class, and driving lessons can be paid individually at the time you take each component.

Classroom Instruction
30 hours of classroom instruction
Driving Lesson
1-hour behind the wheel training
Parent Class
A 2-hour classroom session for parents

At Flint Driving School, we believe in fair pricing and fees are necessary to cover various cost. We enforce a $30 cancellation/no show fee for every missed 1-hour appointment. The fee for cancellation/no show for every missed 2-hour appointment is $45. Kindly give us more than 48 hour notice if you can not keep your appointment to avoid the cancellation/no show fee. Cancellation request must be made via email with the date and time you would like to cancel. Please use the road lesson cancellation request link under our Resource page.

1-hr Cancellation
Fee for missing a scheduled driving lesson
One time fee for missing a 1-hr lesson
RMV Certificate Processing
Fee for handling and processing driver's ed certificate with the RMV in Boston
One-Time fee to process your driver's education certificate after completion of any portion of the driver's education program at Flint Driving School.
2-hr Cancellation
Fee for missing a scheduled 2-hour driving lesson
One time fee for missing a 2-hr lesson